ICM Get Active

ICM has always been committed to delivering high standards with expertise, passion, and support. We offer structured cricket coaching, personalized training, and the delivery of technical, tactical, physical, and psychological skills tailored to all proficiency levels in cricket at notable locations around the UK. Our focus is on nurturing and developing the sporting spirit of players, we believe everyone deserves to experience cricket in a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment. Our ICM Festival Days and ICM events aim to showcase and celebrate diversity and breadth of modern cricket in the UK.

Our Coaches

International Cricket Masters can make your dreams come true if you have the passion and desire to become a professional cricketer or you may just wish to learn and improve any of your cricketing skills. Who better to learn from than ex-international cricketers actually coaching you and mentoring you face to face, sharing with you their real-life playing experiences to help you achieve your goals. Our experienced coaching team know exactly what is required for you to improve, this is what makes the ICM cricket academy unique and a valuable experience for all cricket lovers. ICM coaches will also be looking for young talent to be recommended to various professional counties through our player scouting and referral system.

Our Ethos

Our ethos as an organization is not only to help more individuals get active in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, but also that we are passionately committed to ensuring cricket is open, and accessible to all members of the community and they are supported to achieve their potential in any capacity. This principle applies regardless of age, race, disability, ability, gender, religion or belief, sexual orientation or background. We also are committed to supporting disabled children and adults to be fully involved in cricket through the provision of a range of activities, training and supportive good practice guidance. This has been proven time and time again through our targeted ability to deliver the joy of cricket to participants ranging from ages 5 to 70 and even beyond!

Business Enquiries

We also have a wealth of experience in delivering cricket coaching to schools, colleges and sports centers welcoming individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We aim to help individuals develop an understanding of psychology, neuroscience, well-being, human movement for sport, strength and conditioning, injury prevention and nutrition. We also build upon on existing observation and analysis skills and further explore how the continuum of practice develops players’ technical, tactical, physical and mental skills. Collectively this helps an individual to cultivate self-awareness, self-discipline, leadership skills, team dynamics and performance analysis.